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Private Art Lesson

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We offer one-to-one private art lessons and small group tuition for those keen to develop artistic skills in a more bespoke setting rather than in a classroom environment of many.

Two Day Taster Painting Course

Two day taster painting course consists of two full-days of 8 hours each. At the end of the course, you will have a finished (or close to finished) oil painting to take home. Courses are scheduled on weekends from 9am – 6pm.

Weekly Private Art Lesson

Lessons are flexible according to the needs and ability of the student. The range of topics include:

Colour mixing
Learn to see values
How to see perspective
Getting the best proportion
Fundamentals of oil painting
Advanced oil painting techniques
Creating texture

Proficiency in each aspect of oil painting outlined will prove invaluable to the student. The real magic begins when they can master and internalise the complete skillset effortlessly.

Our mission is to offer private art lessons in oil painting to equip the student with a practical foundation that is rarely taught. Theories and conceptual ideas alone will not teach the student practical painting skills. We are here, first and foremost, to deliver real, visible results.

For complete beginners, a more formal approach will be adopted to help you build a solid foundation.

All art lessons are held in the studio.

To discuss how we can tailor regular weekly lessons to meet your needs or attend a taster painting course,

Email: info@chungshek.com
Tel: 07593557430